The fastest and most economical way to build light gauge steel trusses!

FasTruss System allows Builders and Framers to Cut Freight and Labor Costs in Half! The FasTruss System offers an innovative way to cut a job's hard cost. The Fastruss System delivers pre-cut, pre-marked, pre-bundled and ready-to-assemble trusses and wall packages anywhere in the U.S., with a turn-around time of only few weeks.

USA Frametek's FasTruss system saves freight costs by better utilizing the maximum load capacity per transport. The FasTruss System allows framers and builders to have a completely customized, ready-to-assemble array of truss and wall components delivered to their plant, shop, or site, as requested by the client.

USA Frametek specializes in the design, engineering and fabrication of commercial and residential light gauge steel framing. The FasTruss System allows the customer to perform in a tight schedule crisis, thanks to its framer-friendly concept and substantial savings on freight charges.

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