Cold-Formed Steel (CFS) Wall Panels have been traditionally been used in the commercial construction industry and now  are revolutionizing the wood framed industry by bringing CFS to the low and mid-rise multi-family market. We use advanced, end to end steel frame design and manufacturing to provide a structural option that is faster and cost competitive with wood.


The weight of the framing is a key factor in the construction of multi-story buildings. CFS trusses and framing impart a lighter dead load on buildings than other traditional construction materials. CFS trusses can also contribute to larger floor areas and taller buildings because of the material’s light weight, which puts less stress on the overall structure and its foundation.

CFS trusses can accommodate open spans of more than 60 feet.

CFS Trusses can be designed for almost every truss configuration including: Barrel Vault, Bowstring, Cantilevered Mansard with Parapets, Clerestory, Double Inverted, Dual Pitch, Flat Vault, Gambrel, Hip, Mono, Scissors, Tri-bearing, and Vaulted Parallel Chord.

CFS Trusses are noncombustible both during and after construction. This reduces risk of fires and lowers insurance cost.

With weather patterns tending to longer duration heat waves and cold snaps, structural CFS framing can actually help buildings withstand extreme temperature shifts because CFS is dimensionally stable and does not expand or contract with moisture content.

CFS is resistant to the elements, steel can extend the lifespan of your building. CFS material is also resistant to mold, corrosion and dry-rot.

CFS as a building material prevents destruction caused by vermin, the need for chemical treatments that can pose health hazards, and the cost of pest control.


USGBC has recognized cold formed steel framing as an important contributor to environmentally responsible, sustainable structures.

The USGBC’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System™ is the nationally accepted benchmark for the design, construction, and operation of high performance green buildings.